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Hiring Your First Dedicated Marketing Professional

You’ve taken your business as far as you can with a DIY marketing approach and it’s time to consider hiring your first dedicated marketing person.  Here are a few things to consider.

Work with a marketing consulting or hire a full time marketing directorMarketing Consultant

If you’re not quite ready to take the leap of hiring a full time marketing director, you can work with Marketing Consultant.  This consultant would do everything a full time marketing director would do but in a stage-gated manner that aligns with the business goals and marketing plan as your resources become available.  A marketing consultant can provide expertise and structure to your DIY marketing efforts.  They can also build the marketing and business development capabilities of your team.


Hire a Marketing Director

Hiring a full time Marketing Director, if resources allow, is ideal.  This person will take over where you left off, ensuring that the marketing and branding strategies and activities align with your business plan.  This allows you and your team to focus on serving your clients. Your newly hired Marketing Director will be one of the best hires you can make.

No matter how you decide, it is important to have an overall marketing plan that aligns with your overall business plan to guide the decisions of you team and your consultant or newly hired marketing director.

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