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About Us

With a passion for creativity and its application to many fields we offer several ways to help you create your brand story & share it across the right combination of channels to meet your strategic goals.

0025 ToniT websitev2I love the notion of starting with nothing but the germ of an idea that results in some type of masterpiece.  Be it a new business, an additional income stream, a new cookie recipe or a new a body of art work.  Apply a lot of energy to that germ of an idea, learn the new skills to fully develop that idea, and bask in your success, no matter how big or small.

Then do it again. . . . . and again  . . . . . and again



Toni Taylor here, Principal of Create & Share Media.  I've been working in marketing for several years with large professional services firms, small businesses, and arts organizations.  In my free time, I love to make things. The short list includes dances, dinner, clothes, and furniture.